Terms & Conditions


General Service Agreement

Upon receipt of sale for products or services rendered, the customer agrees to all terms and conditions of this store, contracted insurance providers, and shipping carriers.

Prohibited, Restricted, Illegal, and Hazmat Goods Agreement

I agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth by Postal Plus and all contracted shipping carriers pertaining to rules and regulations of mailed materials. I understand that I am personally liable for any charges, fees, dues, penalties, damages, etc. associated with mailing restricted, prohibited, illegal, or hazmat materials. I understand that restricted materials may vary depending on carrier policy are unable to be shipped without proper authorization and documentation.

Shipping Services

Service Delivery Guarantees

United States Postal Service

All USPS quoted delivery arrival dates are estimates only. I understand that services for First Class Mail, Priority Mail, Express Mail, Media Mail, and other USPS services are based on estimated delivery dates and could arrive outside of the expected time frame. I understand that for my shipment to include guaranteed delivery, I must request a service that specifically ensures the arrival date.


All guaranteed express/air shipments are subject to carrier conditions, holiday policies, and international customs. For more information, you may visit the website of the carrier that handled delivery of your package.

International Shipping

All packages sent internationally are subject to refusal by international customs. I understand that the cost paid for shipping does not include potential fees, duties, or taxes from customs at the time of delivery. I agree that all information I have provided for the customs form/declaration of goods is both accurate and truthful. Should my items be returned, I understand that additional shipping costs may be applicable. Postal Plus may withhold all returned goods until payment has been remitted for return postage.

Package Insurance

Payment of fees for declared value does NOT guarantee coverage and are subject to the terms and conditions of this store, contracted insurance carriers, and shipping carriers. Unless otherwise specified, all declared value coverage above the carrier provided amount is contracted through Shipsurance.

Postal Plus is not liable for the damage or loss of any package sent without declared value package insurance coverage. For shipments covered by carrier insurance, Postal Plus is not personally liable for the reimbursement of loss or damages. All carrier provided coverage is subject to the terms and conditions of the respective shipping provider and does not ensure reimbursement for loss or damage. See our Customer Claims section for more information on insurance claims.

For additional details on insurance protocols and packaging requirements, see the following links:

Restricted, Prohibited, or Illegal Contents

Postal Plus reserves the right to dispose of any restricted, prohibited, or illegal contents that are attempted to be mailed through our facilities without our prior knowledge. These contents may be handled in whatever way is deemed appropriate and without prior notice to the customer. There will be no refund for associated products sold and/or services rendered under these circumstances.

We maintain the right to inspect any packages we identify as potentially containing these types of items with or without the customer present. After inspection, should a package contain other items that are legal to ship, the restricted, prohibited, or illegal items will be removed and the remainder will be sent. If a shipment is found to contain nothing but restricted, prohibited, or illegal items, the shipment may be mailed without contents.

Such contents include, but are not limited to, unauthorized tobacco products such as cigarettes, marijuana and any related derivitives containing THC, vape produts and juices, alcoholic beverages such as beer or liquor, other illicit drugs or narcotics, firearms and ammunition, etc.


Postal Plus reserves the right to set retail prices at their own discretion and in excess of published carrier rates. This includes products and services offered by the USPS (including postage stamps), UPS, FedEx, DHL and any other carrier contracted by Postal Plus.  Following payment and receipt of sale, customer has agreed to the rates provided by Postal Plus and, after any documents, parcels, packages, mail, etc. leave the custody of Postal Plus, shall forefeit their right to refunds on services rendered.

Packaging Services

Custom Boxes

All payment in exchange for custom boxes and associated labor costs must be received prior to services rendered. I understand that unless otherwise specified, all custom boxes are constructed to be loaded from the side and not the top. Top loading boxes will incur additional fees and must be specifically requested prior to box construction. I understand that all custom-made box sizes reflect the inner measurements and not the exterior dimensions of the box. I understand that the inner dimensions of custom boxes may vary by up to 1/4 of an inch from requested dimensions and are not eligible for returns or refunds.

Prepaid Labels (Drop Off Packages)

Postal Plus is not liable for any prepaid packages brought in that are unsecured. While we offer free tape to secure your packages, this does not mean we accept responsibility for lost or damaged items. All insurance claims pursuing compensation for loss or damage to a shipment that was sent using a prepaid label must be filed with the carrier that shipped the package or the account holder that produced the label.

Claims & Reimbursements

Product Returns

Customers must produce receipt or other valid proof of purchase if returning products purchased at Postal Plus. We do not accept goods or materials that have been damaged or obviously used, as we cannot resell them. Employees may be able to look up receipts if the customer is able to recall the date and time of purchase, however this does not guarantee reimbursement or acceptance of previously purchased inventory. This policy does not apply to certain items marked "all sales final".


Customers are eligible for reimbursement for lost or damaged goods covered by carrier or third-party insurance. I understand that declared value fees paid for shipping insurance do NOT guarantee coverage and that my claim may be denied based on the terms and conditions of Postal Plus or any contracted insurance providers.

Claims made for shipments covered by package insurance must be filed with Postal Plus within 30 days of the shipment date. It is the responsibility of the customer to pursue reimbursement for loss or damage with a Postal Plus representative. Postal Plus will not pursue insurance claims without prior notification from the customer or recipient of the package.

I understand that Postal Plus may require certain forms of documentation in order to file an insurance claim on my behalf. Without the proper documentation, Postal Plus is not liable or able to initiate a claim. I understand that if I do not provide the requested documentation, that the likelihood of payment for declared value coverage is not guaranteed.

Documents requested by our insurance provider include, but are not limited to, proof of value for damaged/lost items and photographic evidence of damage. Postal Plus should, in the majority of circumstances, have records of shipping to provide to our insurance company. In the event of prepaid labels, the customer may be responsible for providing additional shipping information.

Late Deliveries

Customers are eligible for reimbursement for late deliveries that are guaranteed by carriers per their respective delivery policy. This excludes all USPS Express Mail services. Reimbursement for late delivery is subject to the terms and conditions of contracted shipping providers.

All late deliveries must be reported to Postal Plus customer service no later than 20 days following the date of shipment to be eligible for shipping refunds. I understand that my reimbursement claim for late delivery only covers costs associated with the shipping of my parcel. Late delivery claims do not cover costs associated with packaging materials, labor, or other miscellaneous costs for services rendered by Postal Plus.

Returned Shipments

Postal Plus will do everything within reason to contact and notify the sender of a returned shipment. Attempts to contact the sender will be made up to and until 30 days following the return of the shipment. If contact has been established, the customer will then have 30 additional days to retrieve their returned items. Following this deadline, the shipment and all contents are considered abandoned and the sender forfeits their right to claim them. Abandoned goods will then be donated, auctioned, or securely disposed of.

Signature Services

I understand that carriers DO NOT obtain a signature upon delivery unless additional fees are paid at the time of shipment. Without an added signature service, carriers are instructed to deliver the package to the address in a secure location. Postal Plus is not liable for any packages marked as delivered by carriers, but not received by the recipient.

Package Insurance

I understand that shipments sent without a declared value may not have insurance coverage and therefore may not be eligible for reimbursement in the event of loss or damage. Postal Plus will not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from under insured or uninsured shipments.


Personal Mailboxes

Virtual Mailboxes

Notary Services

General Notarial Services

All notaries under the employ and doing business on behalf of Postal Plus are exempt from legal repercussions involving losses or damages. I understand that the content, terms, and agreements of all notarized documents or contracts are my responsibility once signed and that I comprehend these items prior to signing. Postal Plus can and will refuse notarial services if the signor appears to be incapable of understanding the contents of the documents meant to be notarized.

On-Location Notarial Services

In store notary services are set at a standard flat rate for the first three signatures, but are subject to labor fees for additional signatures. Labor fees begin at the fourth signature and include any signatures from employees of Postal Plus that are acting as witnesses. These fees are billed in complicance with Michigan State law. I agree to pay all fees associated with labor or time incurred during the notarial process

Off-Location Notarial Services

Mobile notary rates will be estimated and the client will be charged upfront based upon this estimate. I understand that should I request additional services after the initial payment has been made that my notary can refuse service until the cost of these additions have been paid for. I understand that I am liable to pay off-location/mobile notary fees for all travel, time, etc. regardless of whether or not my documents are notarized.

Michigan law prevents notaries from charging over a certain amount for performing a notatorial act. (This is typically considered a charge per signature) However, notaries are able to charge additional fees for travel, time, labor, etc. These services will be estimated and charged to the client prior to departure. I agree to pay for all of these services and any additional services that may be requested following the initial payment and departure of the notary public.

For more information about fees, visit the Secretary of State Website.

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